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Pharmaceutical Society cautions against abuse of Tramadol

The Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana has cautioned against the proliferation and abuse of Tramadol, an opioid analgesic...

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Praziquantel Use Safe in Pregnancy - Says Study

The results of the first clinical trial to investigate the efficacy and safety of praziquantel use in pregnant women infected...

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Chronic Diseases, the Silent Killers

For years, all we do is feed. We don’t control what our parents feed us for dinner, we don’t control what they read to us...

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FDA eases restrictions on metformin use in renal impairment

The US FDA today in a drug safety communication required labeling changes on metformin...

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Last line of defence against bacteria breached!!                 

Researchers have spotted the first known instance of bacteria impervious to the last-resort antibiotic colistin...

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Surgeries performed in late hours have more complications

Neurosurgical procedures are a type of medical specialty which is concerned with the ...

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